School – Wheeler Primary School // Hull
Brief – Engage keystage 2 pupils in science using digital media technologies

More good work from our Change School project with Wheeler Primary School in Hull.
Pupils were asked to choose a theme in science that they would research and produce a digital media outcome from.

“Our class, Amazon, have been producing a film with Jon Robson, using film technologies.
Our film – Space – The Final Frontier,┬áis about the solar system and is based on a T.V. show. This is how we produced it.
Firstly we wrote the script and learnt our lines. Then we practiced as a group, using lots of teamwork. We had to get our own costumes ready for the film making.

Before we started filming we had to set up the Green Screen which helps us put the background in later.
We went over most scenes three or four times, although some scenes took five or six attempts. Luckily we got there in the end.
We had to use lots of equipment to make it work such as the camera, the microphone and film making computer software.

We had our picture taken for the school website. We hope you like it.

We would like to give a special thanks to Jon Robson for all the help he has given us.”


Space - The Final Frontier

This project was funded by Creative Partnerships – Hull