iTechnology at Nunsthorpe Community School

We have been working with Nunsthorpe Community School for 3 years now and are very impressed by the way in which they have embraced new technology. We began by embedding basic digital media skills back in 2009 and have since produced several major projects with both pupils and teachers across both keystages in the school.

Nunsthorpe Community School have recently embarked on a new direction for ICT in which they are fully committed to providing pupils with access to hand held technologies for use across the curriculum. The school has initially purchased 30 iPads and 60 iPods along with an iMac to support the deployment of apps.

It’s fair to say the pupils have been very excited and initial feedback from both staff and pupils suggest the school is successfully turning a corner in how they embrace and utilise ICT.

Article written by Johti // Year 5

Have you ever wondered if there’s an alternative to just writing stuff down on paper? Loading up the computer or looking through a stack of books to answer just one question? Well if you have try the new iPad or iPod made by Apple.

With brand new, easy to use touch screen technology learning has never been more easy! You’ll be able to walk around school with your iPod (or iPad) and suddenly you’ll remember that you’ve forgotten to write something up! Luckily, you have your new iPod. Simply load it up, get on the write program then start typing! No keyboards, no fuss.

Over the past few weeks Yr5s at Nunsthorpe Community School have been using this new technology to help with their learning. They’ve been taking pictures and videos, making notes and documents and just using iPods and iPads to help aid their learning. So far the school’s new ‘iLearning’ program has been a great success. Not just for Yr5 but Yr3 as well! Yr3′s at Nunsthorpe School have been using iPads to film and take pictures off projects they have been doing.

People have called the new apple technology ‘incredible’ and ‘fantastic’! So hopefully iLearning will be able to take steps from Yr3 and Yr5 to the rest of the school.
Ashali McElhinney, a Yr5, was asked to describe her experience from an Apple store trip that 25 of the Yr5′s went to on Thursday 26th April. She said, “I think the trip was amazing and I really enjoyed using all the touch screen technology, which made them easier to use. I think the trip was incredible and that all of our new technology is going to be great!”

Mrs Powles is the teacher who started this project. We asked her if she thinks it will help children with learning around the school. She replied, “I think all our new technology and our iLearning program will definitely help people around the school. The touch-screen technology makes it really easy to use and all of the aps can be easily accessed, so it’s much better than old computers and piles of books!”
Lily Martin loved using her iPod on the trip. We asked her why she loved it and she said,”I love it because it’s so easy to use and to interact with! They’re easy to use because of their touch-screens and they’re easy to interact with because of all it’s easy to use apps also because…. of the touch-screens!”

Other Yr5s have made shorter comments like, “It’s ace!” and “They’re so amazing!” The Yr5s would just like to say a big thank you to all the teachers who took them on their trip and would also like to say an extra big thank you to all the Apple experts who taught them how to use iMovie. They hope the project will carry on and soon all of the school will be using Apple technology to enhance their learning experience all around the school.

By Johti – Yr 5