runs film making projects and workshops for young people

We work in the community particularly with young people in both primary and secondary schools.

We think digital filmmaking is a magical tool to enhance both learning and teaching.
Our programmes are designed to complement the national curriculum and to offer real tangible learning outcomes that aim to inspire and motivate pupils, teachers and youth workers.

Each project is different depending on the type of group, genre and theme but all the workshops we run take the young people through the filmmaking process from start to finish. They learn about storytelling, scriptwriting, storyboarding, sound, camera, acting and editing.

Our workshops are a fun and educational experience that also helps young people to build confidence and express themselves creatively through the medium of film.


• Introduction to the movie-making process
• Introduction to acting
• Storyboarding
• Production & filming
• How to use a video camera
• How to edit a movie & post-production editing.
• Exporting video for web, Youtube & DVD

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    film making projects