Photography projects for young people

Our photography projects & workshops for young people have been designed to not only teach young people the basics of digital photography and camera handling but to also train them to develop their creative eye – focussing on the world around them viewed through the lens/LCD screen.

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Our photography workshop classes are fun, interactive and creative as well as educational. They encourage the students to explore their own creativity and self-expression using their camera: composition and design, colour, texture, viewpoint, framing are all covered in our programmes.

Project & workshop content includes:

  • camera handling
  • understanding the camera buttons
  • what makes a good photo
  • themed practical photo shoot
  • composition and colour
  • macro & close-up shots
  • capturing subjects from various viewpoints
  • training the eye to see a good shot through the lens
  • viewing and feedback of students photos

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Digital media workshops for young people :: TO FUEL EMOTION, IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY