Creative Partnerships worked in collaboration with Creative Partnerships between 2003 & 2011.

Creative Partnerships was the Labour Government’s flagship creative learning programme, designed to develop the skills of young people across England, raising their aspirations and equipping them for their futures.

They fostered innovative, long-term partnerships between schools and creative professionals, including architects, scientists, multimedia developers and artists. These partnerships inspired young people, teachers and creative professionals to challenge how they worked and experiment with new ideas.

Young people developed the skills they needed to perform well not only in exams and extra-curricular activities, but also in the workplace and wider society.

“Creative Partnerships Hull places children and young people at the heart of a dynamic, innovative and reflective learning process. This process seeks to raise aspirations, enhance creativity, develop imagination and realise potential.

By listening and responding to the pupil voice our creative learning programme enables children and young people, school staff and creative professionals to learn together as if for the first time.”