Our animation workshops guide pupils through the process of stop frame animation.

As individuals and as a group pupils will

  • generate ideas for the initial concept, 
  • create a narrative, 
  • story-board scenes, 
  • make models and props, 
  • design sets and characters, 
  • animate objects and characters, 
  • operate cameras, 
  • direct scenes, 
  • record sound effects.

Animated Stories
This, our most popular workshop type, uses a variety of techniques to encourage participants to develop and plan a short storyline. Characters, backgrounds, props and narrative are designed and made using a wide range of craft materials. The story is then animated by participants using our rostrum cameras (a fancy word for overhead camera!). Audio in the form of narration, sound fx and background music can then be recorded and added to complete the film.

  • Learn how to animate
  • Learn and improve craft, drawing and painting skills
  • Learn creative approaches to story making and telling
  • Learn about a broad range of subjects including history, maths, science and philosophy
  • Improve motor skills
  • Learn team work and social skills
  • Gain confidence
  • Find out about working in the animation industry


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