Photography projects for young people

Our photography projects & workshops for young people have been designed to not only teach young people the basics of digital photography and camera handling but to also train them to develop their creative eye – focussing on the world around them viewed through the lens/LCD screen.

photography projects

Curriculum Workshops

Lasting either a day or half a day, we work with a class at a time (including staff!) covering the photographic technique(s) of your choice. This can be a one-off special, or can be designed to fit in with a topic or theme relevant to your school. We provide the cameras for children to use and each class will receive a DVD of all their images for the school to choose how to celebrate and share. We can also work with schools on the editing side of photography.

Half Term Holiday workshops:

The workshops are a day long photography experience. Children are encouraged to develop a brief and shoot a variety of subjects throughout the day. Each child will leave with a DVD of all their images and a print of what they consider their best shot.

School Term Projects:

This is the full-on flagship photography project which involves the whole school or a year group depending on size of school. We will come into school and go through a series of assignments with staff and selected students. Then these “experts” will help with relaying the projects back to fellow students. The children use their art lesson time to shoot photographs and work across art and ICT, based on a series of easy to use and National Curriculum-linked lesson plans to help them create, improve, celebrate and share their work.

Project & workshop content includes:

  • camera handling
  • understanding the camera buttons
  • what makes a good photo
  • themed practical photo shoot
  • composition and colour
  • macro & close-up shots
  • capturing subjects from various viewpoints
  • training the eye to see a good shot through the lens
  • viewing and feedback of students photos

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