About Cafesociety.org

Cafesociety.org was established in 1997 as a collaborative group of creative individuals who worked in the fields of media and education. Over the last 12 years we have delivered numerous digital media training programmes to adults and young people in a diverse range of communities around the world.

Cafesociety.org education projects focus on areas including digital storytelling, film making, animation, digital photography, journalism and blogging.

We work at the forefront of digital communication, encouraging young people to use their voice and skills to create meaningful work for a potential local, national & international audience.

We are proud to say we don’t just parachute projects into schools. We work alongside teaching staff and pupils to meet their needs. We aim to provide schools with the resources and skills to continue a sustainable programme of work long after we have left.

Our projects are a fun and educational experience that also help young people to build confidence and express themselves creatively through the medium of film & digital media.

Cafesociety.org has a proven track record of delivering high quality digital media workshops and projects with several partner organisations & clients including :-

Hull Museums Education Service
Seychelles University Foundation
Hull City Council
The British Library
Department for Media Culture & Sport
Creative Partnerships
& The British Council.


Creativity now ranks with literacy and numeracy

Creativity, in fact, is now becoming a sought-after skill in all walks of life. According to a survey, Creativity in the Classroom, by digital media specialist Adobe, some 77% of employers and higher education lecturers quizzed said that they viewed “creativity” – interpreted as the ability to generate ideas, developing online content, delivering persuasive, polished presentations or being imaginative problem-solvers – as an “as an essential or important skill”, alongside the basic ones of literacy and numeracy.

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Digital media workshops for young people :: TO FUEL EMOTION, IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY