Sierra Leone flag in partnership with The British Council and Creative Partnerships – Hull created a project which would bridge the digital divide and bring together young people in both Hull and Freetown through the innovative use of ICT and digital media technologies.

Our Sierra Leone
is a collection of films and other visual learning resources that have been produced by young people in the cities of Freetown and that of its twin town, Hull.

Through a series of digital media training camps which were held in Freetown, young people were given the skills and access to equipment to be become content creators.

The films produced in Sierra Leone were then screened in Hull Schools and used to generate discussion and debate around citizenship issues. The young people in Hull were also given digital media training to enable them to create video responses to their peers in Freetown. All of the films produced were then screened at the inaugural opening of the first ever Freetown Film Festival and also at the British Council exhibition hall.

Following visits to Sierra Leone during 2006/7, has developed strong links with young people in the capital city Freetown. These young people have helped us to produce a large number of short films, articles and other resources focussing on the harsh and also inspiring reality of life in Sierra Leone.

Films made in Freetown :: Sierra Leone by young people & as part of the Digital Citizens project in collaboration with Creative Partnerships – Hull

About the programme:

In 2007 the city of Kingston Upon Hull celebrated 2 significant anniversaries: 200 years since the abolition of slavery and 25 years since the city was twinned with Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Throughout 2006 and 2007, worked closely with Creative Partnerships – Hull, The British Council and The Freetown Society to develop a variety of educational resources looking at the lives of young people in Hull and Freetown.

The scars of the civil war are clear in Freetown, both in the streets and in the memories of the people, yet Freetown is famed for the remarkable spirit, warmth and humour of its proud citizens. Wherever you go people are keen to smile, shake hands and make friends.

Of course there is danger, crime and corruption, but the streets are vibrant, there is music and laughter everywhere – and you never have to look far to find genuine kindness and amazing generosity .

See the films, hear the stories, discuss the issues. How do you feel about what you’ve seen? How does it make you feel about your own life? Now develop a response – learn the skills to develop your ideas, make films, write articles and create a blog telling young people in Freetown all about your own life.

Digital Citizens Project

Filming on the streets - Freetown - Sierra Leone

Filming on the streets - Freetown - Sierra Leone

This programme was developed by in partnership with, and supported by, Creative Partnership Hull , Arts Council England and the British Council.