Carlos Larue


I hade a great time on the past 3 days we spent with John and Murray, working on the project. I learnt a lot especially on editing the movies we made. We used a program

Carlos Larue2008-08-03T01:06:19+00:00

Peter Purvis


Before the visit of Jon and Murray, I hadnít got the slightest clue of how to operate such equipment, so this has really been an experience. I had expected it to be very difficult and

Peter Purvis2008-08-03T01:05:24+00:00

Justine Manley


It was great fun, but was very tiring because along with all the fun came a lot of hard work, the programme was easy to use and came naturally and we got to meet some

Justine Manley2008-08-03T01:04:14+00:00

Charles Blagbrough


I was in group three of the cafť society project; a film making experience. Overall, I made two full movies with film and editing and cut and edited a third. It was all good fun;

Charles Blagbrough2008-08-03T01:03:17+00:00

KC Rose


The digital workshop was lots of fun and hard work, itís amazing how many things happen behind the scenes of films we watch every day, although it was hard to find people to cooperate with

KC Rose2008-08-03T01:02:19+00:00

Angeleah Torrin


I think that the digital workshop was a great experience, it was actually a lot of fun; from people telling us off to people thinking theyíre God. Iíve learned a great deal of new things

Angeleah Torrin2008-08-03T01:00:57+00:00

Stephen Ernesta


This film making cafť has been very educational and lots of fun. The equipment is of a very high quality, but also very simple to use once you understand the basics. †For our group we

Stephen Ernesta2008-08-03T00:59:45+00:00

Ian Pillay, year 10


When Jon and Murray came, I didnít know how to make a movie, now I have the skills necessary to make a masterpiece. I liked using the camera and interviewing the participants of our films.

Ian Pillay, year 102008-08-03T00:58:47+00:00



I enjoyed the project very much. It was very exciting working with the pro cameras and finding out how a film was made. I liked the film and acting because it was great fun and


National College of The Arts Students


The past few days spent with Murray and John in the filming project have been a success,we gained a lot of experiences and good examples of how to produce a film, interviews, documentry and we

National College of The Arts Students2008-08-03T00:56:19+00:00

Cafesociety in Seychelles


The experience of one of the students on the project....† hello all I am one of the students doing the digital projects with murray and jon weve been working with them for two days and

Cafesociety in Seychelles2008-08-03T00:55:13+00:00

Late to school


Today started off badly with a crash in the town centre in our hire jeep. the car in front slammed on and unfortunately i was too close behind to avoid a collision. The police were

Late to school2008-08-03T00:54:11+00:00

Gibsonís experience


The last two days since I started this workshop has been WOW.† I've learnt how to opperate different types of video-camera,digital-camera and new computer skills. I've been with Jon the most and he's great. Joining

Gibsonís experience2008-08-03T00:52:52+00:00

Marcel’s Experience


This is the first camera and video recording experieces that i have ever had. We have done a few interviews and made a few short recordinggs for our documetory on the seychelles. We have also

Marcel’s Experience2008-08-03T00:51:50+00:00

First day at school


It was our first day with the kids and after just one day I think the films the kids produce are going to be very special. The kids are all super keen and have already

First day at school2008-08-03T00:50:11+00:00

Saturday arrival


After a long flight we arrived into the heat and humidity of Mahe. Nina kindly collected us from the airport and delivered us to our rather plush accomodation for the next three weeks. After unpacking

Saturday arrival2008-08-03T00:48:50+00:00

Seychelles Eve


It's the eve of the project trip to Seychelles and we're just relaxing with a whisky and coke round at Murrays in Stoke Newington.† Plane lifts to the skies Friday eve around 9:30 and drops

Seychelles Eve2008-08-03T00:47:03+00:00

Seychelles on the horizon


We have less than a week to get all our prep ready for departure to the Seychelles on Friday 20th May. will be working with the International School in Victoria - Mahe for a

Seychelles on the horizon2008-08-03T00:45:39+00:00

Farewell & good luck San Manuel


Today is our last workshop day at San Manuel, our final day of the three weeks workshops here in Arizona and our last chance to tweek and tune work and upload it to the internet;

Farewell & good luck San Manuel2011-02-03T14:40:21+00:00

When the clock stops…


When the clock stops: Annabel continued full steam ahead editing, inputting sound effects - created by Murray and Luke and working on the intro sequence with a crew of students that continue to amaze her

When the clock stops…2011-02-03T14:40:25+00:00

San Manuel Rotary Club presentation – 7am !?


The day began with the crewís favourite thing - an early morning start. 7 a.m. and a fresh faced bunch were down at the local Rotary club to give a presentation about why they are

San Manuel Rotary Club presentation – 7am !?2011-02-03T14:40:29+00:00

After school at Bea’s Bar & Grill


Back to work. The crew arrived at the school from their respective Ďhost homesí around 8.30am. The school is a sprawling complex set against the backdrop of a jagged mountain range. Itís monsoon season at

After school at Bea’s Bar & Grill2011-02-03T14:40:32+00:00

San Manuel – Arizona


Sunny Side up: We packed up the van again and left the motel by mid morning. A little further down the road we stopped off for an all American breakfast at a highway diner. Our

San Manuel – Arizona2011-02-03T14:40:36+00:00

From socks to Satan – David Lynch would have been proud.


Today was the crews first day off in nine days. Understandably the morning was spent with various people in bed, relaxing by the pool, eating lazy breakfasts and enjoying the fact that what had seemed

From socks to Satan – David Lynch would have been proud.2011-02-03T14:40:40+00:00

Completion of Gila projects


Felix and Gill spent the day putting the finishing touches to NATís web site and Gill worked on further design to the REZ02 web site. Annabel edited the final cut of some of REZ news

Completion of Gila projects2011-02-03T14:40:43+00:00

Culture, language & identity…


Today was post production day for NAT films and further content creation for the internet site, NA Nirit and Annabel hooked up a projector and began editing the kids footage with them. Gill worked on

Culture, language & identity…2011-02-03T14:40:47+00:00

Gila Crossing North Campus location


Project development: Today was a momentous day in one respect - the crew arrived early! The reason for such an occurrence was that Felix and Jon were giving Jagdish a course in the software. Rez

Gila Crossing North Campus location2011-04-27T22:41:00+00:00

The highest concentration of diabetes of any community worldwide.


Gila Crossing North Campus location Sticky politics: The crew arrived a little later than planned after getting lost due to starting off in the wrong direction. Well, it is a different building , the Gila

The highest concentration of diabetes of any community worldwide.2011-02-03T14:40:54+00:00

Destination :: Gila River Indian Community


Around 9.30 the crew were packed up and ready to leave Gateway Ranch. Departure was a little reluctant as we had all been captivated with the beauty of the place and the energy of our

Destination :: Gila River Indian Community2011-02-03T14:40:58+00:00

Roden Crater, Solar Ranch & James Turrell


Morning Explorations Before heading off to the school the crew took a trip up a mountain. No ordinary mountain this mountain - and the land around it - has been bought by artist James Turrell.

Roden Crater, Solar Ranch & James Turrell2011-02-03T14:41:01+00:00