Campaign – Make an impact


What's your Story? Campaign! Make an impact... Young people from Endeavour High School in Hull invite you to find out what it is like being a young person living in Hull today as they tell

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Nunsthorpe embrace Apple


iTechnology at Nunsthorpe Community School We have been working with Nunsthorpe Community School for 3 years now and are very impressed by the way in which they have embraced new technology. We began by embedding

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Richmond Traveller Exhibition – Richmond Literary Festival


Client - Richmond Literary Festival // Orleans House Gallery Brief - To work with a community of young travellers and produce a mixed media exhibition   The Richmond Literature Festival invites you to join us

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American photographer Francesca Woodman


From 11 June  23 October 2011 the Ferens Art Gallery showed works by American photographer Francesca Woodman as part of the ARTIST ROOMS national tour. Woodman began taking photographs as a teenager, producing around 800

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The Gingerbread man


Wheeler Primary School - Red and Blue base have been working with our resident Creative Partnerships film maker Jon Robson to produce a superb re-telling of the classic tale - The Gingerbread Man. Pupils acted

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We’re going on a bear hunt


Wheeler Primary School - Hull : Pupils in Green base have been looking at the Michael Rosen book, We're going on a bear hunt. Working with Jon Robson, Green base re-told the story using actions

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Space – The Final Frontier


School - Wheeler Primary School // Hull Brief - Engage keystage 2 pupils in science using digital media technologies More good work from our Change School project with Wheeler Primary School in Hull. Pupils were

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Hullness – Bransholmeness – Winifred Holtby Technology College


School - Winifred Holtby Technology College // Creative Partnerships Brief - Support students in producing a dynamic website showcasing community images and opinions Digital media artists Jon Robson & Dave Harrison are working with

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Wheeler Riding Hood


As part of our Creative Partnerships change school project, Jon Robson came in to school to help us to make a film for the WAFTA awards ceremony. All of Orinoco took part in the film

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The Sheep Pig


At Wheeler Primary School we have been reading a range of books written by Dick King Smith. As a class we read and watched Babe the Sheep-Pig by Dick King Smith and really enjoyed it.

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Listen to our radio ads


School - Nunsthorpe Primary - Grimsby Brief - A digital media literacy project that aims to improve speaking and listening skills   Year 5 have been working with Jon, Dave and Trevor to create a

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The Water Cycle animation – Wheeler Primary


As part of my Creative Partnerships 'Change School' project at Wheeler Primary School in Hull I worked 1-1 with staff providing valuable CPD sessions in digital media. Year 6 had wanted to produce a science

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Volcanoes in Grimsby


School - Nunsthorpe Primary School - Grimsby Brief - Work with pupils to produce digital media learning resources These short films have been produced by Year 3 pupils at Nunsthorpe Community School - Grimsby as

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Eastrington Photography


Millie - macro photography Some of us did Green Screen Technology and some of us did Macro photography. I did Macro photography. Macro means really close up photos. We went to Duckingham palace that is

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Nunsthorpe – Radio adverts


In year 5 we have been doing about microbes (Micro-Organisms) and learning about were microbes are in our world. Microbes are in the air, in our lungs, in our clothes and I our food. To

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Cavendish Primary School Animations


For two days this week I have been working at Cavendish Primary School in Hull with Year 6 pupils as part of Hull City Arts Unit - Artists in School programme. We have been creating

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Fifa World Cup 2010 Project


These films were produced with year 4 pupils at Nunsthorpe Primary School in Grimsby - UK as part of their Creative Partnerships programme of work. Using independent research skills, green screen technology and professional HD

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The Victorians – KS2


Working with year 5 pupils at Lisle Marsden Primary School in Grimsby, we looked more closely at The Victorians and decided to make an animation to showcase our learning. The Victorian age in British history

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Barmby Primary School – Photos


School - Barmby On The Marsh Brief - Work with pupils on a photographic literacy project and produce a book We worked with Barmby On The Marsh pupils to produce a major photography exhibition and

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The Nativity Story


School - Endike Primary School - Hull Brief - enable pupils to produce an animation of the Christmas Story  This animation project was produced at Endike Primary School - Hull the week before Christmas 2009.

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iPhone halloween costume


iPhone halloween costume Originally uploaded by Gregory Hull. this is classic - the first idog..

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My Life, Your Life …


Ings Primary School - Hull. The 'Enquiry Question' for the school to explore was: What cultural and co-operative experiences can we give to our Key Stage 1 children to ignite their imaginations and

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The Easter Story – Lisle Marsden


Pupils in year 5 at Lisle Marsden C of E Primary School used photography, film making, script writing skills, adobe premiere and photostory 3 to produce 2 versions of the Easter Story. Firstly the pupils

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Jack and the Beanstalk


It's been a great experience working at Wheeler Primary School in Hull through the Creative Partnerships change school programme. We have been working with staff and pupils to enthuse them into working more creativley within

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Handa’s Surprise – KS1


It's been a great experience working at Wheeler Primary School in Hull through the Creative Partnerships change school programme. We have been working with staff and pupils to enthuse them into working more�creatively�within the curriculum

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The Great Fire of London – Key stage 1


School - Lisle Marsden C of E Primary - Grimsby Brief - Use digital film making techniques to engage keystage 1 and 2 pupils with history   The first phase of the project has been

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Wold Newton Primary School – Cycle training


As part of Wold Newton Primary schools Creative Partnerships project, young people in years 5 & 6 produced a film on the schools Cycle Training programme. Pupils wrote questions for their fellow peers and the

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Gembling Primary School – Wind turbines in the community


Gembling Primary school have been getting to grips with wind turbines and sustainable energy options by producing a short film with the help of about the wind farm which is currently under construction in

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Sidmouth Fantasy Worlds


School - Sidmouth Primary School Brief - Using film making, storytelling and puppet making improve literacy at keystage 1   Jon Robson from undertook a speaking and listening project at Sidmouth Primary School -

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