Mini Olympics – Primary Transition Project


Mini Olympics transition project at St Marys College - Hull. During transition week over 250 year 6 pupils were given a whole range of new sporting activities to try along with guest speakers from the

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Short Films Premiere


2pm Thursday 19th June - Phoenix Centre, Dunford Road, Holmfirth A series of short films, made by members of Holme Valley Sharing Memories Group, will put the spotlight on the lives of the

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Young people from Hull tell their side of the story.


Ever wondered what it is like being a teenager living in Hull today? In a new exhibition, pupils from Endeavour High School invite you to experience life from their perspective. “What’s Your Story?” uses films,

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New projects


More exciting work with Hull Museums Education ServiceHull Museums Education Service, together with the British Library and Museums, Libraries and Archives Yorkshire (MLA Yorkshire) havre asked us to get involved in a programme of work

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Back to work... been a busy summer though... Our good friend Barmmy Boy returned to Freetown on August 10 so he could be back in time to vote in the elections. Barmmy had a great update September 20072011-04-29T17:04:51+00:00

Mayor of Freetown visits Hull


  The Mayor of Freetown, Winstanley R. Bankole Johnson payed a short visit to Hull on the 29th August 2007. After a civic lunch with the Lord Mayor of Kingston Upon Hull, Cllr Brenda Petch

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BBC Look North


Lansana Mansaray, aka Barmmy Boy, a rapper from Freetown in Sierra Leone, has been in Hull working with for the last four weeks. He has worked with secondary pupils in exploring their creativity through

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Youngsters full of praise for rapper..


Article appears in The Hull Daily Mail - 21/07/07 The Hull Daily Mail's website has been inundated with messages of praise from teenagers for a rapping star from Sierra Leone. Earlier this week, the Mail

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Rapper helps give students a voice


08:00 - 18 July 2007 - Hull Dail Mail A Young rapper from Sierra Leone has been inspiring children across Hull to exchange stories about their lives through music. Nineteen-year-old Lansana Mansaray, known as Barmmy

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Barmmy Boy – Video Diary # 1


Barmmy Boy has travelled from Freetown - Sierra Leone to Hull to undertake a two month media training residency with Stay tuned to see how the project progresses.

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Hull Floods


A short film made about the floods that hit Hull in June 2007 produced by Barmmy Boy from Freetown :: Sierra Leone during his stay in Hull.

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Slightly extended stay


Sunset from my beach house Originally uploaded by Jon - Well well,,, i thought this might happen,, it's come to the end of the project and a few extra things have turned up. A

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Our Seychelles – Our Country


This film has been produced by year 4 students at The International School - Seychelles during photography and film making workshops.

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Heroin awareness film


Our main reason for coming to Seychelles this time was to work with a group of 6th formers at the International School to produce an awareness raising film to the dangers of heroin. Over the

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Starfish – Seychelles #2


Starfish - Seychelles #2 Originally uploaded by Jon - On Saturday scuba diving was on the menu with Steve and Gemma. We drove an hour to the south of the island and met up

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Fisherman – Praslin – Seychelles


Fisherman - Praslin - Seychelles Originally uploaded by Jon - Greetings from the middle of the Indian Ocean…. Having rested in our beach house for a couple of weeks after a very hectic and

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Swimming with Jamalac & Coco


swimming with Jamalac & Coco Originally uploaded by Jon - Sunday morning, 14th April and I'm sat on the patio of the beach house which I've been staying at for the last two weeks.

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Sunset from our hotel balcony #2


Sunset from our hotel balcony #2 Originally uploaded by Jon - Well would you believe it... a view to die for... This was our last night on Praslin staying at the Coco De Mer

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Magaburaka in a taxi with Lieutenant Daniel Gbah and daughters


Daniel is the elder brother of our friend Tony, who is currently living in Hull and working as a volunteer with a Catholic programme and in a refugee support centre. Tony’s sent back various presents

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