Films & photos with young people from Endeavour High School - Hull

What’s your Story? Campaign! Make an impact…

Young people from Endeavour High School in Hull invite you to find out what it is like being a young person living in Hull today as they tell you their stories through a series of 5 films. The films form part of “Campaign! Make an Impact”, an innovative project in which students are inspired by museum collections to create their own campaign about issues which affect their own lives. Hull Museum Education has been working in partnership with the British Library, Thackray Medical Museum and

The aim of these films are to break down barriers between communities, dispel some myths and promote understanding between different cultures. The young people have been very courageous in putting themselves forward as the face of the campaign, giving us an insight into their lives. They would like the viewer to stop and think before making judgements, to consider the person and their story, not just nationality.

Produced with the guidance and assistance of, but the stories, images and words really belong to the young people themselves.